Monday, 26 March 2012

~ Calico Silver Air ~

Calico silver air
strokes the sea
to a perfect calm,
as the ghost 
of a breeze
teases the trees
into telling
their aged tales.

A bird cries its woes
as it flies to the sun,
its black feathers
shining blue.....

While grass gives birth
to yellow stars
with hearts of green 
for leaves.
25th March, 2012


  1. "Calico silver air
    strokes the sea
    to a perfect calm,"
    These lines express the feeling I get sailing out of a misty harbour at daybreak, before the wind blows it away and brakes up the surface.

  2. Hi Stafford Ray, and thank you for calling in. What a great image ~ your words make me feel I'm there, experiencing the special hush you get at that time of day.