Monday, 14 May 2012

~ Happiness Is ~

Kissing My Man
Hugging Our Boy
Cuddling our little dog
Cloud watching
Finding heart~shaped and holey stones
Feeling sun's warmth on my upturned face
Drinking cool, fresh, sweet water
Smelling honeysuckle
Hand~stitching cloth ~ slowly
Chocolate melting in my mouth
The sharp taste of rhubarb crumble
Smelling woodsmoke
Laughing out loud
Smiling ~ always smiling
Making a spiral in the garden
Creating a garden
Watching bugs 
Working with crystals and stones
Hugging trees
Making Flower Essences

Not worrying
Laughing with My Man
Laughing with Our Boy
The things we need finding their way to us
Working with the Earth
Smelling a rose
Making tinctures
Blending creams
Washing my hair
Rinsing my hair with essential oils
Geranium, Neroli and Ylang Ylang
Having a shower
Having a candlelit bath
Smelling bluebells
Watching a spider weave her web
Making a Christmas cake
Using essential oils
Using herbs
Using a vintage typewriter

Reading a good book
Smelling lilacs
Baking bread
Reading poetry
Writing with a Parker pen
Sitting in front of an open fire
Owning a Rayburn range
A country kitchen
Simple, old furniture
Making Chai tea
Going on roadtrips
Walking in Nature
Blue skies
Bright stars in a black sky
Drinking tea in tea rooms
Writing poetry
Dressed warm on a cold day


  1. ahh, i am smiling so WIDE from reading this!! i want to print your list and pin it on my wall, it spreads the happiness far!

  2. Hey hey Druuuu :~))) Thank you ~ and please feel free to print it out. Smiling WIDE back at you :~)))