Friday, 10 September 2010

Heart~stone and poem

Gentle waves greet sandy shore with soft kisses.
Golden sun plays peek-a-boo from behind lilac-coloured clouds.
Seagull mews its mournfull cry.
I walk on backgammon sand.
23 January 2003




    There's much in the world that you can't explain.
    It's revealed for you to remember
    by the whispering voice of a distant train
    or a midnight rain in november.

    Horizon within! You can always find
    the keys to Enigma. Let's mention
    one basic Truth: of spirited Mind
    is Nature naught but extension.

    Internal expanses! In dreams, ridden
    by fear and longing you roam
    that deep Southeast in your soul hidden
    ...on your random journey back home.


    As a native Swede, I am particularly proud of my love poetry suite Sonnets for Katie.

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    - Peter Ingestad, Sweden

  2. Lovely words and photo. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment for the First Friday giveaway. Enjoy the rest of your week :-)